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Cover of Toronto and the Truths You Need to Know

Paperback - 99 pages
Printed 1996

OLD Recommended Retail Price:
$A 14.95


Is the Church Ready for this.

It explains WHY the Toronto experiences began and where it will inevitability lead for those who have been praying and expecting the Lord to move powerfully through the church and the nations at the close of this millennium.

If you are a serious Bible student and have problems with the Toronto experience or , if you are wondering where it is leading, this book is for you.

This book presents a definitive answer to many criticisms of the so-called TORONTO BLESSING, plus makes a few criticisms of its own.

It gives direction - a direction that may well see the crowds at Toronto-style meetings dwindle to only those who are serious about their Christian discipleship and membership in the Bride of Christ who is making herself ready.

For those precious brethren it is ALL SYSTEMS GO!

Chapters include;

  • Chapter 1 - Battle Lines for Bible Movements
  • Chatper 2 - Four Basic Problems
  • Chapter 3 - The Truth About the "Toronto" Blessing
  • Chapter 4 - The Truth About the Church's Condition
  • Chapter 5 - The Truth About God's End-Time Salvation
  • Epilogue - Seven Foundations for Victory
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