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Cover of Toronto and the Truths You Need to Know

Paperback - 212 pages
Printed 1996

Recommended Retail Price:
$A 24.95

The needs of mankind today are enormous. Millions of people through-out the world have never been taught to exercise responsible restraint in their sex lives, totally misusing the enormous gift of creating new life entrusted them by a loving God.

They exercise their lust for each other uncontrollably - sometimes with consent, often without consent of either God or victim.

There is a way of escape - before it's too late - for both human predator and victim, indeed all those enslaved by lusts.

This book is written that YOU migh experience the FULL SALVATION that Christ Jesus died to provide for you. Christian or non-Christian - this book is written for you, while there is still time to make yourself ready for Him.

Chapters include;

  • Chapter 1 - Introducing The Visible Problems
  • Chatper 2 - The Invisible Problems - Elemental (Animal & Other Creation) Spirits
  • Chapter 3 - Demons and Unclean Sexual Manifestations
  • Chapter 4 - The Wrath of God - Fact of Fiction?
  • Chapter 5 - Your Way of Escape - What You Do Next
  • Chapter 6 - The Way Ahead - God's Morality
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