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Cover of Beware Hypocrisy

Paperback - 143 pages
Printed 2005

OLD Recommended Retail Price:
$A 14.95


What do you think is a good description of a Christian who (rightly) opposes homosexual practice because it's in the Word of God but then explains away as out of date the two full chapters on the right use of tongues and prophecy etc. (1 Cor. 12, 14)? Hypocrite?

How would Jesus describe a "Bible-believing Christian" leader who opposes or disobeys Christ's commands to heal the sick and cast out demons, essential ministries of the Great Commission with which the Lord has charged His Church? Pharisee? False teacher? Rebel? Wimp? Scatterer (wolf) - Matt. 12:30? Hypocrite may be too generous.

The purpose of this book is to turn Bible-loving Christians from being unintended HYPOCRITES into TRUE DISCIPLES for the challenging days ahead!

The charge of hypocrite can be a rather cruel one to make about another human being, and yet it is probably true that all of us have committed this sin at one time or another.

Chapters include;

  • Chapter 1 - Where Are We Going Wrong?
  • Chapter 2 - What Is Hypocrisy?
  • Chapter 3 - Conservatives and Charismatics
  • Chapter 4 - Hypocrisy and our Full Salvation
  • Chapter 5 - How Are You Handling Renewal?
  • Chapter 6 - Pharisaic Legalism
  • Chapter 7 - It's Time To Change
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