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Cover of Your Full Salvation

Paperback - 181 pages
Printed - 1989

OLD Recommended Retail Price:
$A 14.95


Are you ready for the coming of the Christ of God? Whoever you are - wherever you are - this book will give you the direction you need in your life to be ready - for Him!

This book is written that YOU might experience the FULL SALVATION that Christ Jesus died to provide for you. Christian or non-Christian - this book is written for you, while there is still time to make yourself ready for Him.

You were created by Almighty God! In the midst of the hustle and bustle of this busy world perhaps you had lost sight of this important fact but please be reminded right now and think on it for a moment. YOU were created by GOD. And you were made spirit, soul and body, not body, soul and spirit or just body, but spirit (first), soul and body in order of importance.

His rich blessing be upon YOU - child of God and heir of His Kingdom - as you enter into your full salvation and become an overcomer and conqueror.

Chapters include;

  • Chapter 1 - Who or What are You? (Not an easy read)
  • Chapter 2 - Our Main Sickness, Sin or Understanding Sin & Sins (Begin with this)
  • Chapter 3 - Your Way of Escape
  • Chapter 4 - Going On Strong
  • Chapter 5 - Problems from which You Can't Run
  • Chapter 6 - Your Great Salvation
  • Chapter 7 - Final Summary