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Cover of End Times Prophecy

Paperback - 160 pages
1st ed. 1984
2nd ed. 1989
3rd ed. 1995

OLD Recommend retail price: $A 14.95

What is the Deliverance Ministry all about? Why has it been restored to the Body of Christ in these End-Times?

This is not a book which tells you HOW but a book which tells you WHY and WHERE and WHAT is happening.

It is not really about methods of deliverance, although there is some insight into group ministry, but it will give the Born Again Christian who eagerly awaits the appearance of King Jesus a strong sense of PURPOSE and DIRECTION as they get themselves ready for Him.

In other words it will give YOU God's perfect will for you (WHY), WHAT is happening TODAY in these END-TIMES and the way to go (WHERE).

The weaponry of the Holy Spirit to get the job done is now available (has been, for years). I pray that after you have read this book you will experience it (Him) to the fullest!

Chapters include;

  • Chapter 1 - A Vision for the End-Time
  • Chatper 2 - The Prophecy of J. Leland Earls
  • Chapter 3 - The Lord Reveals the Hidden Problem
  • Chapter 4 - Continuous Deliverance
  • Chapter 5 - "Time" in the New Testament
  • Chapter 6 - End-Time Deliverance and Cleansing Today
  • Chapter 7 - Conclusions
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